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Welcome to my first game.

Development started in June 2018, in october 2019 it has arrived on itch.io.

Any one who is buying on this page want get a copy on steam too.

Defend Them    is a Tower Defense Action-RPG where you must save the earth from rioting animals! Create a hero from one of four distinct classes to fight back wave after wave of enemies by summoning defenses and directly participating in the action-packed combat.

This game is a fantasy game inspired by real world. All animals you are killing are just a copy of their real models,  no real animal want get harmed by playing this game.


The climate crisis is in full swing and humanity just isn´t doing enough about it. The animals plan to riot against humanity in the hope that the earth can still be saved by destroying  human    infrastructure. You are the one who can save humanity from extinction!


Attention -  not all features listed below are currently available.

  • Tower-Defense Meets Action-RPG    - Choose your class, customize your character & equipment, strategically assemble your defenses, and participate directly in action-packed battle defend humanity     against the invading horde!
  • 4 Different Character Classes  - Each character class has a different set of towers, and even basic attacks!
  • Loot and Level-Up    - Grab the mounds of money and items that your defeated foes drop and trade them or store them for later use in your Item Box! Defending maps earns you skill points, which can be used to upgrade your characters. Do you want to enhance Hit Points, Attack Rate, Damage, etc? The choice is yours... Store your massive overflow of money in your personal spacestation and then spend it to improve your equipment or trade with other players.
  • Tons of Enemies and Huge Boss Fights  - Over 100 simultaneous enemies will attempt to tear through your defenses and gigantic Boss Creatures will appear to rain down havoc upon everyone. Only by employing the most effective defensive strategies, teamwork, and strong characters will you defeat such devilish foes! Many creatures are rioting, from small rabbits and penguins over medium sized bears  and tigers, till huge elephants or the big white shark  ! Can you defeat the epic boss battles and collect the special loot while still defending your objectives?
  • Mission & Game Play Variety    - Each level has a different visual setting, layout, enemy types and distinct surprises. To collect all the loot and reach the highest levels you must take your character through 10 difficulty modes and optional options like survival mode, hardcore and much more!


This game want be available on itch.io as pre alpha (Early Access). This means, you can find some errors and bugs, also there are not all features included. 

Once you've joined the  discord server, you can actively participate in the development during the development stages and have the chance to be mentioned in the credits by active helping.

The price will increase during alpha stages.

Owners will also receive a Steam Key  once the game has been released on Steam as Early Access.


This list want get updated when there are any changes

  • Mage and Knight characters
  • 3 towers each character class
  • 7 Maps
  • 5 Biomes
  • Destructible objectives (can be destroyed by enemies)
  • 22 Animals
  • 6 difficulties
  • Random drop system, which  drops items, like armor, weapons and towers
  • Enemies with random colors
  • Customizable characters colors
  •  Sounds
  • Music
  • Steam overlay


This list want get updated when there are any changes

  • More Music
  • More Sounds
  • All biomes of our planet
  • Any biome has its own objectives like farm fields, farm vehikles, mines, etc
  • Any biome has its own animals
  • More animals
  • Real animal statistics
  • 4 playable classes (mage, knight, archer and monk)
  • 5 towers each character class
  • More randomness
  • 10 different maps
  • Special chest after defending a map without losing any health on objective
  • Customizable towers
  • More ways to customize characters
  • Bosses
  • More equipment
  • Skill Tree
  • Crafting system
  • Random gameplay changes, like more life for enemies or towers, only running enemies, faster towers, better loot, etc
  • Flyers
  • More languages support
  • Steam achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Gamepad support
  • Linux and Mac support (steam only, if the people want them)



If you like the game, I would love to see you on my  

Discord Discord Server

where you can help me making the game even better, finding bugs and chatting with other players.


Check out my social media channels for more pictures and some videos:

Instagram Instagram

Twitter Twitter


While the game is in Alpha State, the game is not complete. If:

  • You want hear sound effects and music
  • You want to play with friends in multiplayer
  • You want to play with official gamepad support
  • You don´t want  your saves to occasionally be wiped with updates

I recommend you waiting for the full steam release after early access.


  • Windows 64bit
  • 8gb memory


There are no restrictions on showing or streaming the game, but keep in mind that many things will be changed during development. Get in touch on my discord server if you have any questions or ideas!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Defend Them ! v0.6 win64 566 MB

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